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Hi, All Tech Freakers! 🤩

Tech Freak Diva

Welcome to my blog, My name is Diksha Anand, content creator of this blog where I help people to learn about online growth hacks for their blog in which I completely share articles on WordPress, Blogging, SEO and their tips and tricks.

Now, How It’s all started ?

Have you ever noticed one thing in most Indian bloggers, that they all are engineers, and like most bloggers, I’m also an Engineer… that also had never imagined that one day I’ll be a blogger too…

Well, I’m not sure about the fact that, Is that engineering, that prompts most engineers to enter into the blogging world or because of doing engineering, majority of people actually discovers their real self worth.

But, To be honest, In my case, my intellectual learning means computer science engineering had truly encouraged me to start my own blog as because I’d technical background that’s why I was confident and knew it, my technical knowledge will surely help me to solve my blogging issues. And now I’ve also realized that, when it comes to resolve your blog issues, at some point, blogging also requires some technical knowledge.

So, Are you thinking about from where I’d got the idea to start blogging ?

Now, This is another amazing fact about starting my blog.

I’m an enthusiastic learner that loves to read online stuff relevant to online marketing, digital marketing, blogging, their tips & tricks and techniques.

And, Sharing my knowledge is something that I genuinely love to do… and now, I can proudly say that, My passion that I’ve for learning and sharing knowledge has led me into the blogging world that also has helped me to know and explore my self-worth and now I’m really enjoying the process of being a blogger and I truly proud of myself for being a blogger.

That’s why, because of my learning personality, In 2019, I came into the blogging world to explore myself more by sharing my expertise and knowledge.

And, now here I’m with you all, to share my expertise to add some value into your knowledge growth.

One weird fact About Me

Apart from that, I also have one unusual habit that I’ve recently noticed in myself and that is, when no one is around me, I naturally start talk to myself and this is now, what I love most in myself and I really enjoy it.

About TechFreakDiva Blog

A blog where you can learn about useful tips and tricks relevant to online marketing and their promotion strategies by which you can enhance your knowledge base to grow your blog in an organic way.

Here, I’ve curated a couple of things that you’ll learn in the TechFreakDiva blog.

  • SEO tips to optimize your blog for search engines.
  • WordPress tips to improve your blog’s overall base.
  • Blogging tips for blog growth.
  • How to blogs based on blogging, WordPress, SEO etc.
  • SEO tools to give more power to your blog growth.

This is all, that currently my blog is all about… but my blog is not limited to all these things, the topic list will grow as well, when more articles will be published.

Now, Stay connected to TFD and dedicate to yourself more into your self growth process.

Till then… Happy Learning 😊 and Thanks for Reading 😊.