Powerful Free SEO Tools For Beginner Bloggers

Powerful Free SEO Tools For Beginner Bloggers

Digital marketers & all bloggers love Free SEO tools as they improve and strengthens their all SEO activities.

Countless free SEO tools are available online on the web by which you can make your site runs like a rocket and through which you can also easily enhance your blog’s productivity. But here, when it comes to optimizing your blog for search engines, we all use some powerful tools that guarantees for your site’s success and we can’t ignore them.

In short, we can also say that these tools are the most powerful tools from all free SEO tools and are the backbone of your site, without these tools your site will not able to perform well in the search engines and without these tools you can’t rank your site and these are those powerful & essential best free SEO tools that every blogger and marketer needs that.

So, to optimize your site for search engines, there are some significant tools are available online for free through which you can maximize your blog search performance.

For your blog’s enhanced search appearance, I’ve listed out 5 best free SEO tools to give your site more power to rank your site high on search engines.

Now, Let’s moving forward to our free SEO tools lists which is most useful for novice bloggers…

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics Free SEO Tool


Google Analytics is a web tool that allows you to monitor how your site visitors are interacting with your site.

It is a completely free analytics tool that is most popular among all bloggers & digital marketers because it allows you to easily find how people find your site and which social marketing channels are driving more traffic to your site, sale conversions, locations, etc.

There are a ton of features are available in Google Analytics that you’ll love to use it.

Let’s discuss them briefly…

It Automatically Collects All Data


After adding Google Analytics tracking code in your site, it automatically starts collecting your data to monitor your site’s real-time users, audience, acquisition, behavior, and conversions.

Identifies Sources Through Which Your Site is Getting More Traffic

Google analytics offers you complete statistics & reports to identify from which source or medium your site visitors are landing on your site.

To check this, simply go under the Acquisition report in Google Analytics, from here you can collect all information to analyze all sources of traffic on your site.

In which, It tracks user arrival for your site through google ads, search console, social media platforms, paid campaigns ( Google Ads ), and referral domains.

Also, tracks, if your site’s visitors are coming on your site through an organic search and also direct search, means through manually typing on the browser.

Tracks How People Are Navigating After Landing On Your Site

Google Analytics tracks complete user’s web pages navigation after landing on your site and how much time they spent on your site.

Under the Behavior section through Behavior flow, It reveals complete data for how visitors are interacting with your site’s web pages and how many visitors completely bounced back from your site without navigating another page.

Tracks Most Popular Pages and Exit Pages

Under the Behavior section, you can easily identify your top-performing pages and exit pages… This will give you the most accurate idea of how many pages in your site need more content optimization to decrease their exit rate.

And So … Top-performing pages provide you complete information to know what pages are driving more SEO traffic to your site. So you can better optimize them to generate more traffic from those pages.

Tracks All Conversions

If you’re an e-commerce site and want to track e-commerce sales from your site then through conversions section, you can easily determine how much revenue and transaction your website is generating, you can easily do this by setting goals.

It also tracks user actions for non-transactional goals like sign up for newsletters, filling out any form, and downloading any of your content placed on your site in PDF format.

You can create multiple goals according to your requirement to track user actions.

You Can Create Your Own Customization Reports

Google Analytics allows you to create custom reports by using different analytics metrics and segments.

So you can monitor your site’s progress through all users, new users, returning users, direct traffic, mobile traffic, paid traffic, referral traffic bounced sessions, the average session, etc.

Tracks Accurate Demographics

When you know your audience, you better optimize your content and better optimize your whole marketing efforts to generate more traffic and also revenue through your sales.

Google Analytics provides a lot of precise information about web users on your site.

In its audience report, Google provides you all data for how your content is accessible by users through their age, their gender, their devices, their location.

It collects all information to track users through their age, their gender, their devices, their location.

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2. Google Search Console

Google Search Console Best Free Tool

Google Search Console is a completely free & advanced web tool offered by Google to tracks all technical search errors in websites.

It monitors the whole site that lets you know all information about your site’s overall performance, site traffic, technical issues, crawling & indexing errors, and also measures overall performance in Google Search results.

This awesome tool gives all webmasters to find all statistics and reports for their site’s overall performance. Let’s figure out some important features of this free tool to better understand its working.

It Finds Indexing Errors

Google Search Console easily inspects crawling and indexing errors under its URL inspection tool.

This tool also finds your index and non-indexed web pages.

You just need to copy and paste your URL in the URL inspection box and it will give you results according to the URL presence in Google search engine results pages.

Finds Your Ranked Keywords

It helps you to find all those queries, search terms, and keywords to which your website is ranking for and also show you the complete information for, how much impression and clicks you get for that particular keyword or query.

Finds Backlinks

Search Console helps you to find all those sites and all pages which have been linked to your site.

Under links reports, it shows you the record for all those website’s pages for the same.

It also displays anchor texts through which someone links to their site to your site.

For your future reference, You can also download the record of all those external links.

Let’s You Set International Targeting

It helps you to enable your targeted language and region by using the hreflang attribute.

So, Under Legacy Tools & Reports, you can easily target your audience for your blog or website by choosing a specific country.

This setting is mostly used by bloggers if they wanted to target specific web traffic from another country rather than their own country.

Finds SEO Insights

Search Console lets you know keywords search insights for your SEO efforts.

A performance tool is made up of Total clicks, Total impression, Average CTR, and Average Position.

This awesome tool provides a complete report for your site’s performance in terms of SEO.

Under this performance tool, you can find all queries, all crawled & indexed pages with their clicks and impression.

And from here, you can easily monitor your site search appearance by navigating through search queries.

It also measures your site search performance based on individual dates, devices ( mobile, desktop & tablet) by which your site is appearing in SERP for all targeted regions.

Helps Google to Find Your Site Content Through Sitemaps

A sitemap is important because it lets you keep your site updated for google search engine.

Search Console lets you submit all web pages through a sitemap for quick indexation.

So, If you want to keep your site pages updated for search engines and also want to quickly index your web pages on google, then you just need to update your sitemap because it pings Google crawler every time whenever you publish your new blog on your site.

Tracks Mobile Usability Errors

From 2015, Google ranked those sites up which have completely optimized with AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages) for mobiles over non-optimized mobile sites.

And Now, Responsive and mobile-friendly sites are the most important ranking factor to rank your site high on Google.

So, To find mobile optimization errors, just go under the Mobile Usability tool, you can find all mobile errors that help you well optimize your site for mobile users.

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3. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google Page SpeedInsights Tool Free SEO Tool


Google Pagespeed Insights is another free amazing tool powered by Google to evaluate the speed of the web-page and its entire performance on mobile and desktop devices.

This tool measures overall web performance to better optimize it for faster page loading and gives you suggestions to optimize your pages.

To improve mobile-first indexing, this tool separately analyses web pages for mobile devices.

Also, this tool has colored grading that gives scores to your site for optimization, ranges from 0 to 100. Web developers called this score as the Lighthouse Score.

  • 0 to 49 (slow): Red
  • 50 to 89 (average): Orange
  • 90 to 100 (fast): Green

These following listed activities are the important factors that are optimized by the Google Pagespeed Insights tool to speed up your site.

  • Optimize Images
  • Minify CSS, HTML & JavaScript
  • Enable Compression
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Eliminate render-blocking javascript
  • Speed up server response time

4. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest Free Keyword Research Tool

Ubersuggest is now a leading free keyword research tool developed by an expert digital marketing guru, Neil Patel in 2017.

Ubersuggest primarily focused on keywords research tool but now in 2020, this tool expands its features & functionalities with SEO analysis & Traffic analysis and Now, it is the best free SEO tool in the marketing industry.

Best Features of Ubersuggest are –

  • Ubersuggest is an extraordinary and user-friendly tool that makes keyword research simple & easy for everyone.
  • The tool performs keywords research for multiple regions.
  • Freely available and easily accessible for everyone, you don’t need to make an account to use its free features.
  • Provides all searched keywords with their metrics like Search Volume, CPC (Cost per click), Paid difficulty, and SEO difficulty.
  • It provides all content that is already ranking in Google search results with their estimated visits.
  • It also gives you complete information on average backlinks if you want to rank your content for your targeted keyword.

Now, let’s discuss what Ubersuggest majorly do to improve your SEO.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research via Ubersuggest offers you a lot of keywords through their keywords suggestion, keywords related questions, keywords searched with prepositions.

You can easily find any type of keyword you want for your blog either it is seed keywords or prepositional keyword.

Analyzes Traffic

If you want to spy on your competitor’s monthly organic traffic, their top ranking pages, their organic keywords, and backlinks then the traffic analyzer tool performs it all tasks.

Analyzes SEO

If you want to find technical issues on your website, competitors, or client’s website, then Ubersuggest is best in terms of finding SEO issues… this will list all errors and technical issues that are affecting your SEO efforts.

All errors and issues show its SEO impacts that are labeled as MODERATE, HARD, EASY that defines SEO impact.

Ubersuggest also allows you to check backlinks data for any site.

5. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO Free Tool


Yoast SEO is the most powerful free SEO plugin powered by WordPress.

Yoast SEO plugin used to improve all on-page SEO factors that helps to boost your rankings in Google search engine.

Easily handles all technical kinds of stuff like permalinks, robots.txt file, .htaccess file, and sitemaps without any hurdles.

It has lots of amazing features that are used to optimize on page-level SEO that I’ve listed below.

Keywords Optimization

It optimizes your whole content around your targeted keyword.

Also, Maintains keyword density by giving you an exact number of your targeted keywords usage in content.

Also, Advices you to make keywords targeted heading and subheadings to strengthen your on-page SEO.

Readability Analysis

Readability matters the most if your blog or website’s audience is your first priority.

It gives you a lot of suggestions to improve your content to maintain its readability.

The tool analyses an entire content in terms of its Flesch Reading Ease Check, consecutive sentences, active voice & passive voice, and transition words use in a sentence.

SEO Analysis

For a Non-optimized content, it improves its all on-page SEO ranking factors in which it checks –

  • Keywords length in title
  • Keyword in introduction
  • Keyword density
  • Image alt attribute
  • Content overall length
  • Keywords presence in permalinks

In its SEO analysis, It analyses-

Outbound Links

These links indirectly strengthen your website’s backlinks…

If you lack in maintaining content relevancy, then it gives you suggestions to add some outbound links.

So, when you link your site’s web page to another website in your niche websites then it directly gives positive signals to Google to understand your content relevancy.

Internal Links

Internal linking in your site is one of the most important ranking factors in on-page SEO.

Internal linking maintains users engagement on your site that directly enhances user retention.

If your site’s bounce rate is higher than average, then you surely need to optimize your all web pages through internal linking, this strategy will give you the best results in less time and lower your site’s bounce rate.

Title and Meta Description

Yoast SEO provides an easy interface to add title and meta description in its snippet preview to make your page SEO friendly for search engines.

It shows colored symbols to improve SEO according to their optimization parameters in which green colors informs you that your page is fully Optimized, orange color shows the half optimized page and red color informs you that page is completely non-optimized.

Final Thoughts on Best Free SEO Tools

So here are the 5 best recommended tools that every blogger should use in the beginning of their blogging journey. These free tools are more powerful tools that strengthens your overall initial SEO activities.

Before writing any blog, just do keyword research with Ubersuggest and find your most appropriate keyword for your blog, then write and publish your blog and now optimize your whole blog with Yoast SEO, which will guide you in every step that where your blog needs improvement and notifies you where you’re performing good optimization.

Now, Use Google Analytics to check your website’s entire performance in search engines and then according to their analytics reports, improve your blog optimization for advanced web rankings. Similarly, Use another free tool which is Google Search Console to discover technical errors on your site, now analyze your site problems & issues and fix all of them.

After complete blog optimization, now just check your website’s loading time and speed performance with Google Pagespeed Insights tool, this free tool will analyze and discover all major areas through which your site’s performance is going slows down, find those ares where issues are exist and just fix them.

Now after entire blog optimization process, when you measure your blog performance, you’ll see that your site’s behavior is now improved than before.

So guys, share your thoughts and let me know in the comments section what is your favorite free SEO tool and how your favorite free SEO tool is helping you for your blog’s successful growth ?

Happy Learning 😊 and Thanks for Reading 😊.

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