10 Best WordPress Cache Plugins To Speed Up Your Site

10 Best WordPress Cache Plugins To Speed Up Your Site

Are you currently searching for the best WordPress cache plugins? And not getting any reliable solution to speed up your site?

Well most probably, you may know…

Speeding up websites through their WordPress plugins is the easiest and recommended method given by all professionals.

Because Speed is a direct ranking factor for Google and it only ranks those sites up that have quick loading time which is less than 3 seconds.

That’s why we all need the best WordPress cache plugins for our site to quickly optimize its loading time.

Now, In this guide, we will learn about the best WordPress cache plugins to give your site more power.

Now first, let’s understand, why do you actually need WordPress cache plugins for your site?

Let’s quickly understand this –

Why Do We Use WordPress Cache Plugins ?? 

Speed is now the most prominent ranking factor for Google and that’s why all website owners need WordPress cache plugins Because-

  1. They quickly boost the WordPress website for faster loading.
  2. All web pages, posts, image loads faster with its cache.
  3. These plugins reduce loading time on your hosting server.
  4. Improves SEO.
  5. Increases user’s time on your site.
  6. Always gives you an excellent user experience to engage more with your targeted audience.

Now, let’s move forward to my list of the best WordPress cache plugins.

1- WP Rocket ( Premium Plugin )

WP Rocket Premium Plugin


This Plugin is the most popular plugin among all WordPress professionals for the best premium plugin.

Because, It offers a user-friendly interface that makes this plugin most suitable and best for all beginners, professionals, and non-technical WordPress users that makes this plugin best.

To use this plugin, Simply you just need to install & activate this plugin and boom! It automatically starts working after the installation.

WP Rocket Plugin is a best-paid plugin in the market because it simply offers-

  • Offers page caching for faster page loading
  • Enables cache preloading for faster indexing
  • Provide a lazy loading technique to quickly load images
  • WooCommerce compatible for the e-commerce sites
  • Enables browser caching for faster load.

And do you know the best thing about WP Rocket Plugin is that it assures Cloudflare compatibility to speed up your site.

Another amazing thing about the WP plugin is the loading feature of images, this means that images load only when the user requests that image.

So, If you’re facing site loading issues in your site because of the higher loading time of images, then this plugin will resolve all your site’s relevant loading problems in a minute.

Also, This is a highly recommended plugin for those website owners who don’t want to compromise with site speed and want to provide the best user experience to their site visitors.

WP Rocket offers its services for the single site at just $49 for 1 year.

If you’re a bigger organization that has countless websites, for that you can select their infinite plan for $249 to optimize your unlimited websites.

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2- W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache Plugin

W3 Total Cache ( W3TC ) plugin is a well known best free WordPress plugin available in its WordPress plugins database.

It has 1 million+ downloads which also has been rated with 5 stars.

This plugin is best for optimizing your site as it efficiently works in optimizing your site for search engines by which anyone can simply improve their SEO efforts.

The plugin fully supports Accelerated Mobile Pages ( AMP ) so you don’t need to worry about all caching functionalities on mobile devices.

It also supports all hosting networks and works well for all cluster architectures, shared hosting networks, dedicated hosting, and virtual private hostings.

This is an advanced and free plugin that can fully optimize your site for better web performance that offers –

  • Enables page caching for mobile devices
  • Always uses minified and compressed files for caching
  • Minify all CSS, HTML, JavaScript files
  • Enables browser caching
  • Database caching
  • SSL supports
  • Caches your all web pages
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3- W3 Super Cache

W3 Super Cache Plugin

W3 Super Cache is another advanced featured rich WordPress plugin that you can use for free.

It also has 2 million + active installations history.

W3 Super Cache provides you an easy interface to start work with…

In which, after installation, It enables caching activities on your website by converting your all dynamic files into static HTML files instead of using all heavy PHP scripts for caching.

This plugin also offers GZIP Compression so that you can well optimize the performance of web browsers and can save bandwidth.

This Plugin has been highly recommended by all professionals because it offers –

  • Cache pre-loading
  • GZIP compression
  • Page caching
  • Browser caching
  • Supports CDN ( Content Delivery Network )
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4- Cache Enabler

Cache Enabler WordPress Plugin

Cache Enabler is another yet free powerful plugin developed by the KeyCDN network that offers high performance for faster loading.

Cache Enabler also works on the same mechanism as the W3 Super Cache plugin.

Their caching activities work by creating all static HTML versions of files from dynamic files and then store all files in their server disk for high caching.

Their plugin also provides a fast disk caching engine to work smoothly & fast.

If you’re having a lot of HD image files on your site then the Cache Enabler plugin will fit in all your requirements.

Because the plugin allows you to serve WebP image format for image caching which loads quickly on the web browser and also their image size is less as compared to PNG.

  • Shows actual web page’s cache size in WordPress dashboard
  • Excellent WebP image format support
  • Can combine work with auto-optimize
  • WordPress multisite support
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5- Comet Cache

Comet Cache Plugin

Comet Cache plugin is also advanced and featured rich plugin developed & managed by WebSharks Inc.

Comet Cache plugin is one of the best free and premium plugin from all plugins to easily manage website cache.

It has 60k+ active installations on wordpress.org where you can use it for free.

And guess what, it has 1 million+ downloads for their premium version.

Now, these statistics will give you a better understanding of how much superior and advanced powerful this plugin is.

This amazing plugin also comes up with tons of advanced features that can easily grab anyone’s attention if he/she is willing to extra speed up their site for higher web performance.

Their premium users are more than their free users because this plugin simply offers-

  • Offers quick set-up
  • GZIP compression
  • Client-side browser caching gives you extra speed
  • Builds real-time cache for every page, post, category, tag, link, themes
  • Enables caching for the 404 page’s request
  • Automatically enables cache for RSS feeds
  • Server load monitoring
  • Automatic compressor to compress CSS, JS, HTML code
  • Support for mobile devices for creating cache

Their premium version will cost you only $39 to manage a single site with 3 years support.

And, $99 to manage 3 websites and $ 139 to manage unlimited sites with all 3 years support.

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6- WordPress Fastest Cache

WordPress Fastest Cache

WordPress Fastest Cache is a free plugin that has 1 million+ active installations on wordpress.org.

This plugin also provides an easy user interface to instantly start work with.

WordPress Fastest Cache plugin also works on generating static HTML files from heavy PHP scripts.

This plugin is extremely powerful for you in terms of SEO because it also optimizes SEO ranking for Google search engine as well as your site speed too.

This is a highly recommended plugin from all plugins because it simply offers-

  • Desktop & mobile cache
  • Minify CSS, HTML and JS files
  • GZIP compression
  • Enables caching for image optimization
  • Easily handles WebP formats of images
  • Lazy loading
  • SSL support and CDN support

To use their premium features, it costs $49 for its Bronze plan.

$125 for its Silver plan and $175 for its Gold plan.

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7- Perfmatters

Perfmatters WordPress cache plugin


Perfmatters is a featured rich plugin that is highly focused on optimizing website performance by disabling PHP scripts.

It can easily manage all your technical stuff effortlessly with their user-friendly admin’s dashboard.

This plugin works amazingly by disabling things which means it can disable your site’s all non-performing elements that are not currently usable.

On a simple note, This plugin will not load those scripts that you’re not using on your site.

So, we now have a clear understanding of their work mechanism.

They just simply decrease the number of HTTP requests so that your page can load faster.

Perfmatters optimizes website performance by below-listed elements-

  • It disables all PHP scripts on your pages & posts
  • Disables RSS feeds
  • Disables pingbacks
  • Disables & limits posts revisions
  • Lazy load images
  • Remove query string

Their premium version costs you $24.95 for the single site for one-year premium support.

$124.95 for unlimited sites and $54.95 for 3 sites with one-year premium support.

If you’re not happy & satisfied with their services, They also offer their customers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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8- Hyper Cache

Hyper Cache Plugin

Hyper Cache is another excellent free cache plugin that has 30k+ active installations.

This plugin specialized in increasing your WordPress website’s speed.

The plugin also offers easy installation and configuration by which the plugin starts working its default values.

I’ve listed below some amazing features of the hyper cache plugin to understand their all operational features.

  • Offers separated mobile-friendly cache
  • Can easily switch themes for mobile devices
  • Offers 404 caching
  • Supports compression to optimize the theme
  • Offers browser caching
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9- WP Optimize – Clean, Compress, Cache

WP Optimize – Clean, Compress, Cache

This advanced plugin falls under the category of freemium cache plugins.

WP-Optimize plugin also has 900k+ active installations history.

It also has inbuilt world’s fastest caching engine which makes this cache plugin is unique and powerful.

If we talk about SEO, This plugin is highly optimized & effective to boost your SEO activities.

WP-Optimize is also a highly recommended plugin by all professionals because it completely optimizes your site for speed, compresses your images for faster page loading, and enables all caching activities for your site.

WP-Optimize advanced features are-

  • GZIP compression
  • Device dedicated cache
  • Cache pre-loading
  • Offers browser caching
  • Uses minified CSS, HTML, JS codes
  • Offers lazy loading
  • Compresses images in bulk
  • Cleans all unnecessary files from the WordPress database
  • Offers easy optimization

They offer their premium version that costs you $39, in which you can manage 2 websites which is simply better offers as compared to others.

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10- SG Optimizer

SG Optimizer Plugin

SG Optimizer is the best free WordPress plugin developed by the most popular SiteGround hosting provider to enhance your site’s overall web performance.

SG Optimizer Plugin is best for SiteGround hosting users.

This plugin is fully dedicated to those WordPress sites that are already using SiteGround hosting services.

This is purposefully designed to enhance their services provided by them.

Also, the SiteGround community clearly mentioned that this plugin will not work and support if anyone wants to use it with having another hosting.

So guys, pay attention when you’re going to use SG Optimizer.

Now, let’s come to their amazing features that are listed below-

  • Offers dynamic caching
  • Offers overall front end optimization
  • GZIP compression
  • HTTP request control
  • Enables browser caching
  • Provides lazy loading
  • Uses minified CSS, HTML, JS files
  • Optimizes your images in bulk
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Final Thoughts on Best WordPress Cache Plugins

So, In this guide, we’ve learned about 10 best free WordPress cache plugins by which anyone can make their site works like a rocket 😉.

And anyone can effectively improve their web performance to its higher level without facing any hurdles.

Now, you might be thinking from all the above WordPress cache plugins, which one is best for you?

Let it be clear, If you want to go with the premium plugin then WP-Rocket is the best choice for you because it provides extremely higher level caching features.

And, If you want to work with the free WordPress cache plugin, then WP Super Cache is the best optimal choice for you.

Now, let me know in the comments section…

Which WordPress cache plugin you’ll gonna use for your site to better optimize it for faster speed.😇

And, I hope this article helped you to find the best plugin to boost your site speed performance with the help of plugins.😇

Happy Learning 😊 and Thanks for Reading 😊.

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