How To Connect Google Search Console to Google Analytics?

How To Connect Google Search Console to Google Analytics?

When it comes to in-depth analysis of your site’s performance, every webmaster needs to give their verified site access to Google analytics to display Google search console data in analytics dashboard.

And when you connect google search console to google analytics, your analysis process becomes more simplified by which you can see your site’s landing pages, countries, devices and user’s queries data. Also you can say that, with the integration of both powerful tools, it can show you more precise data for deeper analysis.

Linked account tracks and monitor all activities that site visitors are performing on your site and it will also help you to improve your site’s organic performance in search engines.

Now, you might be thinking how to link Google search console to Google analytics ?

In this article, I’ll help you into the linking process of Google search console to Analytics account.

So are you ready?

Before moving forward to our main article, first let’s understand what data you’ll need to connect both accounts.

Important Factors you should need to know before linking Search Console to Google Analytics

  • Your site property should be verified in Google analytics.
  • Your site property should be verified in Google search console account.
  • You should be an admin to link analytics and search console.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the integration process.

Step 1 –

Simply login and open your Google analytics account dashboard.

  • Navigate to your admin area.
  • Now select your property from all google analytics accounts.
  • Move towards the property column.
  • Go to all products and click.


Google Analytics


Step 2 –

Now, when you click on all products, you’ll see the list of those products in which you can integrate your analytics data for more detailed web analysis.

From here, you can connect your analytics account to Google Search Console, Google AdSense, Google Ads, Ad Exchange, Big query, Campaign Manager, Search Ads 360 and Google Play etc.


  • Scroll down in all products list.
  • Select Google Search Console.
  • Click on the Link Search Console button.


Connect Search Console to Analytics


Step 3 –

After clicking on the link button, this will redirect to your search console settings, which are present in your Google analytics account.

Now click on Add anchor text.

Search Console Analytics


Step 4 –

After clicking on the Add button, this will move you forward to your google search console settings where you can enable search console data in google analytics.

In this settings area, this will show you all your verified sites that are existing in your search console account.


  • Select the site to which you want to see search console data.
  • Click on the save button.


Step 5 –

Now, a popup window will open that asks you about confirmation to association for search console data.

Click on OK and proceed.

Now, you’ve successfully added your search console data in google analytics for your selected site.

Google Analytics Console


Step 6 –

Now, After the completing the process, simply go back to your analytics dashboard to ensure that Google search console data is visible into your analytics account or not and check that it is showing search console’s data or not ?

Follow – Acquisition > Search Console > Landing pages / Countries / Devices / Queries.

If it is representing the search console’s metrics data for landing pages, countries, devices and queries. Then, the process you’ve followed is correct.

Otherwise if it’s not showing any data, then simply delete (remove) that linked property (site) data from analytics. And now start the same process again to integrate data from the search console, this time be more careful.

Another method to check that you’ve correctly integrated your search console’s data into analytics, go back to the admin area, click on All products, now you’ll see that search console is verified and linked to your analytics account if it is correctly integrated.

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Search Console Google Analytics


What data will it show you after linking Google Search Console to Google Analytics?

If you’re connecting your site’s console data to an analytics account, you should know about what data you’ll see in your analytics dashboard.

Now, After connecting, open the search console under the Acquisition report in the analytics account.

It explores data for –

  1. Landing pages
  2. Countries
  3. Devices
  4. Queries

Let’s discuss them briefly,

What are Landing Pages in Google Analytics?

Landing pages tell you about first page views whenever a user reaches your site with the help of specific search terms or by using keywords.

And when you click on one of those URLs, you’ll see that through which keywords your individual page URL is getting more traffic and through which keywords visitors are landing on your site.

What are Countries in Google Analytics?

Country report informs you about your website’s traffic region areas which means this report will display all countries through which your website is acquiring more traffic.

When you click on country from countries data, again you’ll see a list of keywords that are driving traffic from a particular region.

What are Devices in Google Analytics?

This is quite simple to understand, it shows the platform or devices by which your site’s visitors are accessing your site. It can be desktop, smartphones and tablets.

What are Queries in Google Analytics?

In Google analytics, Queries are those organic keywords for which your site is ranking for. In queries report, it represents all keywords with their estimated number of organic clicks it is receiving, total number of impressions it is getting, average CTR ( Click Through Rate ) and Average position.

Final Thoughts on Link Google Search Console to Analytics

Now with the help of above explained 6 steps, you can link your Google search console data to analytics. And with the linked account, you can better understand your site’s visitors behaviors and through which you can enhance your SEO tactics.

You can analyse your top performing pages with their impressions and clicks and similarly it will also reveals your site’s organic keywords with their average position.

So, this way you can explore search console data into your analytics account.

I hope this article helps you to link search console to analytics account, If you liked this article, share it on your social media platforms to help other folks.

If you’ve any doubts, share your thoughts in the comments section.

Till then… Happy Learning 😊 and Thanks for Reading 😊.

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