20 Best SEO Friendly Free Blogger Templates

20 Best SEO Friendly Free Blogger Templates

When it comes to start blogging, most of the beginner bloggers prefers Google Blogger platform to launch their first blog.

As it is because, Google blogger is a totally free and simple, yet powerful platform in which this platform itself has a good collection of pre-installed default themes and post widgets to enhance your blog functionalities.

But, when we talk about blogger themes, It doesn’t have an updated collection of themes based on latest web technologies and all pre-installed themes that are available on Blogger are developed on old web standards. That’s why most beginner bloggers prefers responsive and SEO friendly free bloggers templates to make their blog look more attractive as well as responsive.

As because, we all know the fact that, blog design & its layout are the two primary factors that first attract your blog visitors… That’s why this is also important task for you to select best theme for your blog.

So, In order to make their blog make more user-friendly & interactive, all bloggers prefer SEO friendly , fully responsive and mobile friendly themes.

Now, If you’re also looking for the responsive and SEO friendly free blogger templates that are completely optimized for search engines, then you’re at the right place.

And, this article definitely gonna help you to find completely optimized template for your blog.

So here, I’ve listed 20 best free blogger templates that are completely developed on latest web standards that can help you to improve your google ranking.

Now, let’s move forward to our list of best SEO friendly free blogger templates. 

1. Sora Ads Blogger Template

Sora Ads Blogger Template


Sora Ads is a beautifully designed free blogger template, highly focused on Google ads monetization…

More money through Google AdSense requires more ads expression that’s why this theme is highly recommended to those bloggers who want to generate some extra revenue through google ads on their site.

This template is more suitable for personal and lifestyle blogs.

Template’s design, content layout, and user interface all are completely SEO friendly and also fully responsive for all devices…

If you also want to introduce yourself to your blog readers on the main home page, then this theme is a perfect choice for you.

Top Features

  • Highly Optimized for Google Ads
  • Breadcrumbs Navigation Bar
  • Grid & List View Blog Content Display
  • Pagination Navigation with Next & Last Button
  • Email Newsletter Subscription
  • 2 Sidebars, Left and Right

2. Smag Blogger Template


Smag Blogger Template


Smag is a powerful & perfect free blogger theme for those bloggers who want to display more blog content on their blog for their blog readers.

Although Smag is a free modern, professional, and magazine-styled blogger template created for tech, news & magazine blogs.

Smag is a quite simple, fast loading, responsive, SEO friendly template that can directly improve more user interaction on your blog.

Lists and Grid view, both content blocks are looking perfect together.

So this might be your perfect choice if you want your users to stay for a longer time on your blog.

Top Features

  • Retina Ready
  • Google AdSense Optimized
  • Mega Menu
  • 3 Columns Footer
  • Numbered Pagination Optimized

3. OnePress Blogger Template


OnePress Responsive Blogger Template


OnePress is a modern and professional free blogger template specially developed for tech blogs and magazine blogs.

The theme is fully responsive and SEO Optimized so you don’t need to worry about search engine rankings.

Perfect layout and cool design make your blog look attractive and user friendly.

Top Features

  • Fully Adsense Optimized theme
  • Optimized Pagination
  • Footer Menu
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Posts List Widget

4. Droid Responsive Blogger Template

Droid Responsive Blogger Template


Droid is another advanced free blogger template perfectly designed to set up your personal and professional blog.

Droid is also a fast loaded effortless fully customizable theme developed to provide your site visitors a well-structured user interface.

100% Fully Responsive theme to rank up your blog on Google search engine results pages.

Best theme to earn more through Google AdSense.

Top Features

  • Complete Footer Menu
  • Fully Responsive & Customizable
  • Auto Translate for other languages
  • Posts List Widget
  • Header Ads
  • Google AdSense Ready

5. Kelly SEO Blogger Template


Kelly Blogger Template


Kelly is a perfectly optimized another free blogger template purposely designed for fashion & beauty and travel niche blogs and a fully adaptable template for other niche blogs.

It has a modern & SEO friendly user interface to enhance user retention.

Kelly is a simple and elegant blogger template featured with its all expensive features like fast loading, fully optimized for mobile users, breadcrumbs navigation, and social sharing.

Full-width Slider makes this template look more appealing.

Top Features

  • 100% Mobile Friendly & Fully Responsive
  • 100% SEO Optimized
  • Classic Social Widget
  • Pagination Widget
  • Attractive Slider

6. GMag Ads Ready Blogger Template


GMag Blogger Template


GMag is a free & modern amazing magazine & newspaper blogger template developed on the latest technologies to meet current web standards.

GMag is an advanced, faster loading and 100% responsive template that makes your blog looks comfy and classy in which you can easily frame your content for your main blog categories.

The user interface has integrated with content blocks so you can display more blog content to attract your blog visitors.

Your blog users also browse your blog content with multiple categories and tags and can also read blog posts via popular posts and recent posts categories.

You’ve full control over layout customization in this template in which you can comfortably modify background, width, colors, and fonts.

Top Features

  • Footer Menu
  • Fully SEO Optimized
  • Fully Google AdSense Optimized
  • Breadcrumbs Optimized
  • Optimized Mega Menu and Mega Tabs

7. Aeon Blogger Template


Aeon Blogger Template


Aeon is a super classy & elegant and free blogger theme made for all your personal and professional blogs designed with a fully responsive slider.

All widgets and functions are totally user friendly that directly enhances its functionalities.

Aeon is a fully optimized blogger template featured with optimized pagination, fast loading, breadcrumbs enabled, right slider, retina-ready, and Google ads ready theme.

If you want to show more content to site visitors, then the Aeon template is a perfect choice for more content display on your blog in which you can group 3 blog posts in one row.

Top Features

  • Responsive Slider
  • Fully optimized for Google Adsense
  • Faster loading
  • Easy Social Media Sharing Buttons
  • Page Navigation Menu

8. SEO Rocket Blogger Template


SEO Rocket Blogger Template


Seo Rocket Blogger Template is a free modern and elegant looking template designed with an elegant user interface.

Template’s layout is simple and clean that fits for technology, personal blog, magazine & newspaper, makeup, travel, and daily normal blog niche blogs.

Fully Responsive and SEO friendly template.

A template is most recommended to fashion, travel, nature, and magazine blog.

Top Features

  • Retina Ready Display
  • Faster loading
  • Google Adsense Ready
  • Compatible for all browsers
  • 3 Columns Footer
  • Pagination Menu

9. FlexBlog AdSense Ready Blogger Template


FlexBlog Blogger Template


FlexBlog is a free and simple & professional looking responsive blogger template that every blogger can use.

All in one best blogger template supports almost all popular blog niches like travel, fashion & beauty, health & fitness, and food & recipes.

A template is fully optimized for search engines so that it can rank well on Google SERP.

Top Features

  • 100 % responsive design
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Popular posts widget
  • Faster loading
  • Easy Social Sharing

10. Writeup SEO Optimized Blogger Template


Writeup Blogger Template


Writeup is a best free blogger template highly recommended to magazine & newspaper niche blogs…

The writeup is a fully responsive and optimized template and best template for those bloggers who want to display more blog content.

Template looks cool as it is designed to display recent posts, random posts, and popular posts in the footer section.

Top Features

  • Auto resize thumbnail image
  • Optimized Pagination navigation
  • SEO Optimized
  • Faster speed
  • Google Adsense Optimized

11. Sancy Blogger Template


Sancy Blogger Template


Sancy is a modern & elegant and classy free blogger template useful for multiple niche websites like travel, photography, food & recipe, and makeup & beauty niche blogs.

Sancy is a fully responsive and SEO Optimized template that will surely improve your blog’s search engine optimization…

Footer section designed and comprises of recent blog posts, and recent category wise blog posts or you can completely navigate through multiple blogs via multiple categories to read amazing blogs.

Social media sharing is quite easy and simple to share blogs on social media sites.

Top Features

  • Retina Display Ready
  • Optimized Page navigation menu
  • Optimized with Google AdSense
  • Optimized Mega Menu
  • Optimized Thumbnail

12. LineMag Responsive Blogger Template


LineMag Responsive Blogger Template


LineMag is another amazing free blogger template completely dedicated to travel blogs, food & recipe blogs, tech blogs, and magazine & newspaper blogs.

LineMag is a fully responsive, fully customizable, and SEO Friendly template.

This feature-rich blogger theme is developed on the latest web trends by which your blog looks modern and classic.

Top Features

  • 3 Columns Footer
  • Breadcrumbs Navigation
  • Mega Menu
  • 100% Mobile Friendly
  • Google AdSense Ready

13. Smart SEO Blogger Template


Smart SEO Blogger Template


Smart SEO is a modern & elegant free blogger template highly focused on tech blogs, magazine & news blogs.

Although, a template is highly optimized and SEO friendly to improve your blog’s Google ranking.

Category wise blogs are crafted in the footer section of a template where you can take more advantage from here by list your blogs from your most popular blog category.

Top Features

  • 3 Columns Footer
  • Posts Lists Widget
  • Google AdSense Optimized
  • Easy Social Sharing
  • E-mail Newsletter Subscription Widget

14. Smooth Grid Blogger Template


Smooth Grid Blogger Template


Smooth Grid template is an amazing professional and eye-catching free blogger template developed for all blogging niches.

Content is displayed in a smooth grid view to improving user retention on your blog that’s why it can be a more useful template for food and fashion bloggers to grab user’s attention.

Also, a template is highly optimized for SEO to boost up your keywords search rankings and fully responsive & mobile-friendly.

Footer is assembled with about us, popular tags, and site links.

Top Features

  • Pagination Navigation
  • 3 Columns Footer
  • Optimized Breadcrumbs
  • Google AdSense Optimized
  • Search Widget

15. Magone News AdSense Friendly Blogger Template


Magone News Blogger Template


Magone News is a stylish, beautiful, professional, and advanced free blogger template specially designed for lifestyle blogs, news & magazine blogs, and travel blogs.

This template represents content blocks to more blog posts representation for your multiple categories.

A beautiful carousel ( slider ) is designed to make your blog look attractive.

A template is featured rich with a fully responsive layout, full SEO friendly, grid view, list view, easy social media sharing widget, and Facebook page.

Top Features

  • Faster Loading
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Moving Bar for Recent Blogs below Header Menu
  • Optimized Breadcrumbs
  • Google AdSense Optimized
  • 3 Columns Footer

16. SEO Mag Adsense Friendly Blogger Template


SEO Mag Blogger Template


SEO Mag is a free, simple, classy, and featured rich free blogger template, where you can easily create your personal blog in a few minutes…

No more customization is required in the SEO Mag template, You just need to publish your blog under the blog relevant category, and now your professional looking blog is ready.

The theme is fully responsive to adjust its layout for all mobile users, SEO friendly and breadcrumbs optimized to improve Google search engine rankings.

Perfect for micro-niche blogging like events blog, travel blog, health & fitness, and food & recipes blogs.

Top Features

  • Google AdSense Ready
  • Faster Loading
  • Email Newsletter Subscription
  • Mega Menu Optimized
  • Numbered Pagination Optimized
  • 3 Columns Footer

17. MaxSeo Blogger Template


MaxSeo Blogger Template


Max SEO is a simple, clean & stunning free blogger template usable for tech, travel, events, food, fashion, and lifestyle niche blogs.

The template is responsive, mobile-friendly, and SEO friendly collectively improves the user interface and the template loading speed is ultra-high that will definitely attract more users to your site.

A template is developed on the latest web technologies standards and is featured rich with search widget, multiple social widgets, recent post widget, label post widget, and random post widget.

Top Features

  • Faster Loading
  • Breadcrumbs Navigation
  • Google AdSense Optimized
  • Numbered Pagination Optimized
  • Grid View Optimized Blogs
  • 3 Columns Footer

18. Robin Blogger Template


Robin Blogger Template


Robin is a simple and clean user interface free blogger template developed for news, technology, gadgets, video, and how to micro niche blogs.

This multi-purpose template is flexible and fully functional with its featured rich widgets.

Fully responsive, mobile-friendly, and SEO friendly template and which is perfect for beginners and professional bloggers.

An amazing, smooth & bold user-friendly designed template that requires less customization.

Outstanding and advanced footer crafted with all tags, categories, recent blogs, social widgets, an about me section where you can find the summary of your whole blog for easy and quick navigation.

Top Features

  • Google AdSense Optimized
  • Faster Loading Speed
  • Email Newsletter Subscription widget
  • Numbered Pagination Optimized
  • Easy social sharing via blog links

19. Alva Blogger Template


Alva Blogger Template


Alva is another outstanding free blogger template designed with advanced latest web standards.

The layout is cool, classy, and perfect for fashion makeup & beauty, food blogging, and travel bloggers.

This bold & beautiful layout is completely highly responsive to make your blog adaptable for all devices and also SEO Optimized.

The content block is designed with curved corners that are giving an awesome & attractive look to your blog and gradient background is enhancing its amazing look.

Top Features

  • Faster Loading
  • Clean Layout & Design
  • Google AdSense Optimized
  • Numbered Pagination Optimized
  • Slider with 4 content blocks on home page

20. Plate Blogger Template


Plate Blogger Template


Plate blogger template is a simple & gorgeous looking template, primarily designed for food and recipes blogs.

Plate is a multi-purpose blogger template, perfectly fit for travel blog, personal blog, and fashion & beauty blog…

Plate is a professional template in which you can browse all posts via recent posts, categories, and tags under the footer section.

Plate Blogspot template is a highly optimized mobile friendly theme with complete responsive design & layout and completely crafted for social media sharing.

Top Features

  • Mega Menu Header
  • Optimized with Breadcrumbs Navigation
  • Fully Responsive
  • 3 Columns Footer
  • Browser Compatible

Final Thoughts On Free Blogger Templates

So, Above I’ve explained the best SEO friendly blogger templates that are completely free to use….

All templates are responsive, SEO friendly, and mobile-friendly which is enough to set your blog with a premium-looking professional template.

Also, all these templates are fully optimized with Google AdSense by which you can easily get your Google AdSense approval.

I hope this article helped you to find a perfect and professional-looking free blogger template for your blog.

If you liked this article, then share it on your social media accounts.

If you’ve any queries, then let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Till then… Happy Learning 😊 and Thanks for Reading 😊.

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