12 Best Free Keyword Research Tools For 2020

12 Best Free Keyword Research Tools For 2020

To get your site’s rank high on Google’s top 10 results, it requires a lot of SEO optimization that includes on page SEO, technical SEO, keywords research and link building. 

But from all above mentioned SEO strategies, Keywords Research is considered as the most prominent activity in SEO… as it is because keywords are the only thing that brings organic traffic and new visitors to your site.

That’s why….. Choosing the right keyword for your content is important as it strengthens your whole strategy for SEO and to find perfect keyword for content optimization, all experts and professionals use several free keywords research tools that helps them to find out more new keywords through which they can easily maximize their website traffic and sales.

Because, a well-researched keyword helps SEO professionals to boost keywords ranking on Google search engine result pages as it is because when you optimize your content for the right keyword, your content will rank organically in search engines…

So, To find most appropriate keyword for your blog, there are amazing free as well as paid keyword research tools available in the market that provides best collection of keywords for your blog content and website optimization.

Lets discuss them briefly…

1. Google Suggest or Autocomplete

Google itself provides you a lot of searched keywords through their autocomplete or suggestions when you type your keywords in the search box.

It shows you all those keywords that were searched very frequently in the past searches.

It provides you best collection of keywords to do your keywords research, parallelly explores users search intent for you to select most appropriate keyword for your projects.


Google Suggest or Autocomplete


2. Google PAA ( People Also Ask )

People Also Ask (PAA) is a brilliant source that finds out all those queries and questions that people also ask for your search query.

It can easily trigger all infinite questions to fulfill your search intent.

The PAA section of search-related questions can also help you to better target your keywords related questions to make your content more engaging to your audience.

By these questions keywords, you can well optimize your blog content for featured snippets to get more clicks & traffic on your site.

Google PAA ( People Also Ask )


3. AlsoAsked.com

AlsoAsked.com lets you explore PAA’s data.


This is an amazing free tool to discover all those questions people are also asking in Google’s PAA.

It shows you all questions in a cluster or visual tree format that continuously explores their questions relevant to your searched seed keyword.

You can also download their group of extracted keywords in CSV and PNG form for further assistance.

This tool provides more precise long-tail keywords to write better content to engage with your targeted audience and works best for finding long-tail keywords.

Also, this tool is best, if you want to rank your content in Google Featured snippets.

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AlsoAsked.com Keyword Research Tool


4. Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a free keywords research tool that allows you to find multiple keyword ideas for your seed keyword.

After searching, this gives you the results for keywords in the format of questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical and related searches.

Their data is completely authentic because they deliver its all keywords data from Google and Bing search engine.

Their data representation is easy and user-friendly that when we search for the keywords it forms a circular visual collection of all the keywords where all keywords are associated to the seed keyword.


Answer The Public

5. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a completely free keywords research tool to find keyword ideas and blog content ideas that most marketers rely on.

It is a more user-friendly keyword research tool that gives you a list of keywords in just one click with its prominent SEO metrics like search volume, SEO difficulty, the paid difficulty, and CPC.

It also shows you complete backlinks data through which a particular domain is ranking on Google’s top pages.

It also tracks your competitor’s website’s traffic, top pages, organic ranked keywords, technical issues, and backlinks so that you can improve your SEO efforts.


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6. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keywords Planner tool is a completely free tool that provides you a lot of keywords ideas for an advertising platform for google ads as well as for SEO.

The keyword planner has a large collection of keywords in its database that directly fetches its data from Google…

Google keyword planner is a powerful & best keyword research tool that offers its keywords data with its various search matrices like competition, high & low bidding ranges, and organic average position metrics.

It also filters its data to gives you the best results on the basis of location, language, search network, and date.


Google Keyword Planner


7. Soovle

Soovle is a mini search engine that fetches keywords data from multiple search engines to show you popular search terms and keywords from Wikipedia, Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Ask, Answers, Live, eBay, etc.

You can easily customize it’s a search engine to collect keywords data acquired from various search engines.


Soovle Keyword Research Tool


8. Google Trends

Google Trends is a completely free tool that shows you data for trending searches across the whole world.

Google Trends shows you all search trends for web search, Image search, News search, Google Shopping, and YouTube search platforms.

It is broadly used to find the popularity of the latest trends, daily search trends, real-time search trends for your selected country.

It also helps you to improve your marketing performance by analyzing the highest interested areas and regions for your keyword.

It performs well in comparative keywords research so that you can target your best keyword for your targeted audience.

Google Trends


9. Google Search Console

Google search console is not a professional keyword research tool but google search console itself has a featured rich tool that explores those search terms your site is getting more clicks and impressions.

So, under the performance report, You can identify all these search terms for your site to optimize more for those keywords to enhance content relevancy.

Google Search Console


10. Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a best & free keyword research extension developed for chrome to improve the keyword research process.

It shows you global and regional search data for your keywords along with its monthly search volume for your selected country.

It also shows you a complete data report for keywords in the top right side of the browser so that you can better analyze and select your perfect keyword which fulfills user search intent.

Now, In its new update…

This free Chrome extension is now available for 70 countries, you can easily download it from chrome web-store.

Now, it shows you complete estimated organic traffic data for ranked domains for your particular keyword.


Keyword Surfer


11. QuestionDB

QuestionDB finds all questions that people are asking on Reddit.

QuestionDB offers you countless keywords in the form of questions that fetch all data from Reddit.

Questions Answers type of blog content are now trending, that’s why… To write your content for your targeted audience, this tool helps you to frame your content with questions keywords.

This is an advanced & perfect tool for bloggers, marketers, and writers who want to grow their blog and can plan & improve their content marketing strategies.

This keyword research tool also works as a blog topic idea generator because it gives you a lot of content ideas to write unique & fresh blog content in the form of long-tail keywords.



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12. WordStream

WordStream tool works best for your blog content if you want to target your audience through a seed or core keyword.

It also works best for, if you want to find your competitor’s keywords data, just paste your URL in the search box, it reveals all keywords data that the site has been optimized for.

This tool is best for finding seed keywords and keywords that contain it’s length to 3-4 words whether it’s for your another targeted domain and for your own keywords research.

Tools offer keyword’s google search volume, competition, CPC ( cost per click ) matrices data to better analyze your keywords.

It delivers its keywords data through Google and Bing Keywords research API.




Final Thoughts On Free Keyword Research Tools

If you also want to rank your site in Google SERP, then keywords research SEO activity helps you to rank your site quickly on Google because if you’re optimizing your site for those keywords that have good search volume and low competitive density then surely can make your site appear in Google SERP  because optimizing your content for right keyword ensures you to attain elevated rankings on Google.

While, on the other hand if you’re optimizing your content for uncommon keywords or keywords that have no search volume then you can’t make your site appear in Google.

That’s why, this is advised you to all that before writing content and optimizing it, make keyword research is your top priority because this is the first thing that requires more focus to acquire better SEO results.

So now, we have a complete list of free keyword research SEO tools through which you can easily discover and analyze your keywords strength in terms of its search volume, competitiveness and keyword difficulty.

Now let me know, which keyword research tool is your favorite ?

Share you thoughts in the comments section and If this article helps you, then share it on your social media platforms to help other peoples.

Happy Learning 😊 and Thanks for Reading 😊.

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