Top 10 Sites for Free Stock Images for Commercial Use

Top 10 Sites for Free Stock Images for Commercial Use

Free stock images are becoming the most significant element for any kind of website, even in which some platforms offer you free stock images for commercial use as well as for your personal use.

All free stock images are released under their own legal license by their community holders with their separate guidelines or under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, which is completely free for public usage.

We all know, free stock images are the largest source of high-resolution stunning images and videos for all requirements.

But, Before moving forward, first, let’s understand some common technical photography terms relevant to copyrighted images laws that will surely prevent your website from copyright conflicts.

What is a Creative Commons License?

Creative Commons License is a completely legal license created for public use where no attribution is required.

When an original author wants to give other people’s rights to use their own work, only then this license allows a global audience to use someone else’s copyrighted work for commercial and non-commercial purposes without any copyright infringement.

Creative Commons license gives the authority to make modifications (like edit & crop, add text) without asking for permission to their respective owners.

In short, Those free stock images that are released under Creative Commons License are completely free for public use and you don’t even need to give image credit to the photographer.

What is Royalty Free Image?

Royalty-Free Image licenses are owned by stock photography communities to sell their stock images.

One thing you should know about Royalty-free images, that they’re NOT copyright free and also not free from their terms, conditions, and restrictions.

These images are only free from royalties and require one-time payment for the royalty-free licenses.

You’ll have to pay for the license, only then you’ll be authorized to use their stock images under their licensing guidelines.

What is Public Domain Images?

Public Domain images are not copyrighted. They’re completely free from all copyright laws.

Where you’ve got the legal authority to use their free images for any of your personal and professional work projects without any permission.

What is Copyright Free Image?

Copyright Free images are those images, Where an artist gives you the authority to use their work of art without any permission.

Also, it can be used by any person on the web for personal and commercial purposes.

Copyright Free images don’t allow you to sell their copyrighted material to someone else, they’re only free for your personal and professional projects.

What is Attribution?

An attribution is a kind act of appreciation, where users give credit to their respective image owners, photographer work creators.

In free stock image photography platforms, This is not compulsory for free stock image users to give their image credits.

That’s why all free stock image platforms have mentioned in their usage guidelines that there is no attribution required or necessary.

What is Commercial Use?

Commercial use means, You’re an authorized person to use someone else’s work for your money-making commercial business.

For instance, You can use commercial licensed work in your brand promotion and in online advertisements.

Now moving forward …

In this article, I’ve listed Top 10 free stock images websites from where you can simply use their images for your commercial & personal needs without violating any copyright laws.

#1- Pexels



Pexels is a popular free stock image and video provider community on the web where you can take advantage of free images & videos from multiple categories.

Pexels offers images and videos that are completely free for commercial and non-commercial use in which some of them are free public domain images.

Top Highlights of Pexels

  • Pexels has a well-organized navigation structure that makes this site look cool, cozy, and user-friendly.
  • Pexels makes your search quite simple by giving relevant suggestions when you search for something.
  • For easy site navigation, it also provides you collections of similar images.
  • Trending and new images navigation search terms are the bonus for you if you want fresh & new images for your blog and website.
  • One more bonus point for all Pexels users is, here you can discover your image by color picker.
  • All images are published under a creative commons public domain license.

If you’re a photographer and want to enhance your photography skills, then you should definitely read Pexels blog where you can find amazing tricks and tips from the world’s best professional photographers, to make yourself a Pro Photographer.

You can also use Pexels images by downloading their mobile application from Google Play Store and Apple play store.




Stocksnap is a free stock images platform known for having stunning & high-resolution images.

All images in Stocksnap are completely free to use for commercial & personal use and are free from copyright infringement.

All images are licensed under the Creative Commons Public Domain License.

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#3- Unsplash



Unsplash is a free stock photography platform that provides free high-resolution images under the Unsplash license.

The easy user interface is provided by the Unsplash community where You can browse images via multiple categories that’s why multiple search terms are available to make your search easy.

Unsplash also released some of their images under Creative Commons Images and free public domain images.

#4- Pixabay



Pixabay is the world’s largest platform for images and videos search with a collection of over 1.7 million high-quality free images and videos legally used for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

You can use images and videos for free without violating any copyright’s conflicts under the Pixabay license and Also you’ve full control over Pixabay images to make modifications without giving any image credit.

According to your requirement, you can also download their app from Google and Apple Play Store to access their countless free images.

Top Highlights of Pixabay

  • Pixabay is the largest community of 1 Billion users across the globe.
  • In Pixabay, You can search any type of rich media content like vector images, illustrations, videos, photos, and even now also free music for your video content.
  • Bonus for Pixabay Users, You can find music with your countless choices like by its genre, mood, and movements.
  • The uniqueness of the music search makes Pixabay stand out from the crowd.
  • You can also enjoy searching one amazing thing in Pixabay that is what content is currently popular on Pixabay like popular images and popular videos so that you can find fresh content for your website.
  • All images and videos are licensed under the Creative Commons License.

#5- Reshot



Reshot is another amazing platform for free stock images where high-resolution quality images are provided to users.

Reshot is a community of passionate and professional photographers where all published photos are free to use for commercial & non-commercial use and also no attribution is required.

You are completely free to put some modifications in an image like edit, crop, add text according to your requirements.

Only Licensed by Reshot for commercial and editorial use.

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#6- Burst ( by Shopify)



Burst is a free stock images platform proudly powered by the Shopify team.

Images are completely free for any of your commercial, non-commercial and personal use.

Various collections of images are grouped together and well structured to make your image search effortless.

If you’re a digital marketer or a blogger, wants to expand your expertise in Facebook marketing skills then you can read their blog which is highly focused on Facebook marketing.

If you’re an Online Entrepreneur, want to grow your business more… then surely you should read their business ideas written on online business growth by expert marketers.

Some images are licensed under the Creative Commons License.

#7- Freerange



Freerange is a community of creative & passionate professional photographers where you can use thousands of images for free for your personal and commercial projects.

Free-range is a library of high-resolution stunning images that offers a variety of free stock images from multiple categories.

Freerange uses Google AdSense to generate revenue for their professional photographers.

All images are licensed under Equalicense and no attribution is required.

#8- KaboomPics



KaboomPics is not a community of professional photographers.

KaboomPics is solely owned by Karolina, a professional photographer.

Karolina Grabowska is an owner at KaboomPics. She is an Interior & Stock Photographer and an entrepreneur ruling over the free stock photography community.

Now, Coming back to the point…

KaboomPics is another amazing free stock image platform for high-quality images.

Use can use their images for free for your personal and commercial projects.

Top Highlights of KaboomPics

  • You can browse their images via navigating the newest photos, oldest photos, most downloaded and least downloaded images to find fresh & new photos.
  • Image search through color picker makes this site more worthy.
  • User-friendly navigation makes this site look bold and beautiful like their images.
  • Modifications are allowed so that you can add your creativity to make your image look more informative & attractive.
  • All images are licensed under KaboomPics.

If you are a tech blogger and love to write your blogs on photography and digital marketing, then surely her blog tutorials will add more value to your skills.

#9- Foca Stock

Foca Stock


All Foca Stock images and videos are totally free for your commercial and non-commercial projects and no attribution is required at all.

When downloading, if you want to customize images then you can easily edit Foca images by their online Foca editor.

To create social media graphics, Thousands of free templates are available for you to create your Instagram stories & post photos, Facebook post photos, and Facebook cover photos, and so on for Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Tumblr.

Top Highlights of Foca Stock

  • If you’re a social media marketer and love to design stunning social media graphics for social media platforms, then Foca also offers you an online Foca editor similar to Canva.
  • All Focastock images and videos are licensed under the Creative Commons (CC0) License.

#10- ISO Republic



The ISO Republic is another cool website where you can access countless images and videos for your personal and commercial works where no attribution is required.

To make your search easy, a collection of similar images and videos are grouped together.

For all tech geeks and learners, their blog and on photography will make you a Pro Photographer.

Their photography blogs are informative. Anyone can add more value to their photography skills.

All image is licensed under CC0 License.

Final Thoughts on Free Stock Images for Commercial Use

Now, we all know, Stock photography communities offer a variety of free stock images for your commercial and non-commercial usage.

All the above mentioned Free stock images platforms are blessings for web designers, bloggers, and digital marketer and for all those business persons who rely on free stock images for their online business growth.

I hope this article has resolved your all queries regarding free stock images usage and their terms & conditions.

Share your thoughts, If you’re using free images & videos from any other amazing free stock photography website.

Happy Learning 😊 and Thanks for Reading 😊.

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