10 Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins(Free & Paid)

10 Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins(Free & Paid)

Lightweight images mean quicker loading time and enhanced website performance.

Using high-quality images to create more visual content for your audience is now becoming the most powerful asset to grab user’s attention and to increase user retention.

But using excessive images can also slow down your site’s performance in terms of their speed and a slow website can also put a negative impact on your site.

And this is the primary reason, we use external third-party plugins for compression and optimization to speed up the site’s performance.

Because optimizing your images through image optimizer plugin is the easiest method to manage all your site’s speed-related technical hurdles with their automation process.

So, In this article, I’ll help you to find the best WordPress image compression plugins that will automatically do all work for you in which no manual compression actions are required.

Now, let’s have a look at 10 best images optimizer plugins.

1- ShortPixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel is another excellent image optimizer free plugin as well as a paid plugin.

ShortPixel image optimizer plugin works on lossless and lossy compression algorithms to optimize the most commonly used image formats like JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP, and PDF files.

This plugin is solely designed for photographers and for those websites that use a lot of images on their websites but, it works well for all types of websites.

And you know what…

The great thing about this plugin is that it automatically compresses and optimizes featured images on your website, so there is no need to use another additional plugin to optimize your featured image.

This plugin also improves your website’s SEO ranking by optimizing all media files on your site.

Whereas, this plugin also works well with all standard hostings like shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting services.

Standard Features

  • Faster reduced backups.
  • One-click batch automation done in seconds.
  • Super-fast compression for all news and old images.
  • Uses lossless, lossy, and glossy methods for image compression.
  • One API key for multiple sites.
  • Automatically optimizes new images.
  • No file size limit.
  • Compatible for e-commerce sites.
  • Provides 30 days of image compression analytics report.
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2- ReSmush.it

ReSmush.it WordPress plugin

Resmush.it is a free and amazing plugin that uses advanced algorithms to optimize images by using the reSmush.it API.

Their plugin’s algorithm works on 3 different standards that are listed as below-

  1. PNGQuant
  2. JPEGOptim
  3. OptiPNG

PNGQuant works on a lossy compression algorithm.

JPEGOptim works on a lossless compression algorithm.

OptiPNG provides automatic image reduction that uses the PNGCrush optimization technique.

Plugin support is great for other platforms such as Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Prestashop, and many more…

But this plugin only allows you to optimize images up to 5MB.

The plugin also provides bulk compression in just 2 steps.

Standard Features

  • Featured with cronjobs.
  • You can set an optimization level.
  • Performs optimization on image copies.
  • 2 click bulk optimization.
  • Optimize images during upload.
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3- Imagify Image Optimizer

Imagify is another powerful plugin developed by the WP-ROCKET plugin community.

Imagify is a free yet paid & advanced plugin that offers image compression without losing any image quality.

Plugin’s compression works on 3 levels and their level of compression are categorized as-

  1. Normal
  2. Aggressive
  3. Ultra

In which, the Normal compression approach works on a lossless compression algorithm that doesn’t change image quality.

Aggressive compression approach works on a lossy compression algorithm in which the image quality will be slightly reduced but still retains image quality.

Ultra compression approach works on an advanced lossy compression algorithm.

So, in any case, If you want to change other compression levels for your images, this plugin offers images backup back up plan for your original version of images.

Standard Features

  • Bulk compression.
  • Offers free compression for 250 every month.
  • Offers JPG, PNG, GIF compression.
  • Offers image resizing in pixels for the desired compression.
  • Woocommerce and NextGen gallery compatible.
  • Automatic thumbnail image optimization
  • Offers WebP conversion for free.
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4- Optimole Optimizer Plugin

Optimole Optimizer Plugin


Optimole is an advanced, free, and feature-rich image optimizer plugin that compresses images on cloud-based servers.

Optimole is also the best plugin because it automatically updates your images and offers you real-time image compressions.

The best advantage of using an Optimole plugin is that it offers device-based image optimization which means it automatically scales and compresses your images with the screen’s resolution accordingly.

And, another amazing fact is… that they provide better image optimization through image CDN to serve images based on user location that also makes your site lightweight for quick loading.

For which they’ve 110 servers worldwide.

It also provides tracking and monitoring features to check the status of your images to enhance their web performance.

Standard Features

  • Automatic compression.
  • Uses lazy loading.
  • Uses image CDN for faster loading.
  • Offers responsive image display.
  • Supports all screen resolutions.
  • Offers faster image processing.
  • Fully compatible with page builder plugins like elementor and beaver builder.
  • Uses lossless and lossy compression algorithms.
  • Supports Retina and WebP images.
  • Offers watermarks on your images.
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5- TinyPNG: Compress JPEG & PNG images

TinyPNG Compress JPEG & PNG image


When it comes to free online image compression tools, TinyPNG is the most popular image compression tool that the majority of people are currently using to compress images online.

TinyPNG plugin is available as an online image compression tool in which it allows free image compression up to 20 images every day.

It allows you to perform JPG and PNG image compression directly from Photoshop.

This is a perfect and powerful plugin for photoshop users to design well-optimized images.

It only works on a lossy compression algorithm which improves your web performance by reducing image sizes.

This plugin also makes your website load faster by compressing JPG and PNG images during their image upload.

Standard Features

  • Automatic image compression during upload.
  • Supports only JPG and PNG image compression.
  • Supports background optimization.
  • WooCommerce compatible.
  • Bulk image optimization.
  • Supports compression for animated PNG images.
  • No file size limits for image compression.
  • You can use a single API on multiple sites.
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6- Kraken.io Image Optimizer

Kraken.io Image Optimizer

Kraken is another advanced and powerful plugin available in both free and paid versions.

This plugin is powerful because it automatically resizes images without performing any manual actions.

It also works well with images zip folders and you just need to upload your zip folder then it serves you optimized images.

And plugin’s algorithm works on lossless and advanced lossy compression methods.

It works efficiently in preserving copyrighted metadata, geotags, and profile EXIF metadata tags.

Standard Features

  • Compresses only JPG, PNG, GIF files.
  • Offers image resizing.
  • Works efficiently with the WPEngine hosted blogs.
  • Auto backup.
  • Maximum file size limit is 32 MB.
  • Easily preserves EXIF metadata
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7- WP Smush.it

WP Smush.it

Smush is a free and versatile plugin that provides image optimization and compression smoothly.

This plugin also offers an easy user interface. After installation, activate your plugin and now this is ready to optimize your images automatically.

You can optimize up to 50 images in bulk optimization.

Their image optimization process is extremely powerful because it easily optimizes your images even if they aren’t present in the media library folder.

And for those, who want to retain their site’s image quality, can freely choose this advanced plugin because it provides 2x compression without losing any visual quality.

Also, Plugin demands its upgraded version if you want to convert your site’s images into NextGen WebP image format for faster loading.

Standard Features

  • Provides lossless compression.
  • Lazy loading.
  • Automatic optimization.
  • 2x more compression level.
  • Compresses only JPG, PNG, and GIF files.
  • Detects incorrect sized images.
  • Offers bulk optimization for limited images.
  • Gutenberg block integration,
  • WebP support is available.
  • Automatic resizing and scaling are available.
  • Offers auto conversions for PNG to JPEG formats
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8- Optimus Plugin

Optimus image compression plugin


Optimus is a powerful free plugin developed by KeyCDN.

Optimus is considered as the best plugin as it provides 70% reductions in image compression without losing image quality and it also optimizes thumbnail images.

It reduces and optimizes image files during the image upload time.

This plugin is best for your overall website’s performance in terms of its speed because it also improves Google Pagespeed score which is a highly focused ranking factor if you want to rank your site up in Google’s SERP.

Standard Features

  • Bulk compression.
  • Compresses only JPEG and PNG files.
  • Compresses progressive JPEGs.
  • Preserve EXIF and IPTC metadata.
  • Supports WebP conversion only in Optimus HQ plan.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce and WordPress multisite.
  • Improves SEO efforts for speed.
  • Supports WordPress Mobile Apps.
  • Supports windows live writer
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9- ImageRecycle Pdf & Image Compression

ImageRecycle Pdf & Image Compression

ImageRecycle is a free & incredible plugin that provides automatic WordPress image compression and PDF compression without losing its quality.

This plugin is versatile in its nature because it automatically compresses all news images & PDF files during upload and it also automatically compresses existing images & PDF files into your website.

ImageRecycle plugin is just awesome because even in a slow internet connection it works well and serves images faster.

Standard Features

  • Compresses JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF files.
  • Provides image resizing.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce plugin.
  • Automatically compression.
  • Provides 1 month backup for original media content.
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10- EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW image optimizer is a widely used plugin among bloggers and professionals.

After installation, EWWW starts working automatically and compresses your images to its best image format.

When it comes to image optimization, EWWW Image Optimizer is considered as the best plugin because EWWW offers excellent compression for JPG, PNG, and GIF files.

EWWW handles all optimization processes by using internal servers to compress images.

Standard Features

  • Offers unlimited file compression.
  • Compresses JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF files.
  • Supports WebP image compressions.
  • Automatically performs resizing and scaling.
  • Offers secured SSL encryption.
  • It offers pixel-based optimizations using a lossless compression algorithm.
  • Offers backup for the original image for 30 days.
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Final Thoughts on Image Optimizer WordPress Plugin

Now definitely you’re thinking which image compression plugin is best for you to optimize your site images?

So, here is a simple tip for you that will resolve your confusion and will definitely work for you.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer – Freemium plugin offers superb image compression during upload without sacrificing its image quality.

ReSmush.it – Most trusted and free popular plugin offers image compression and optimization which is fully compatible with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Prestashop platforms.

Imagify – WooCommerce compatible advanced plugin which offers an image to WebP conversion for free.

Optimole – Uses Cloud-based servers and offers full automation to compress images, and it also optimizes images according to the device’s resolution.

TinyPNG – Compresses only JPEG and PNG images and provides optimization on image upload.

Kraken.io – Performs excellent image compression and supports maximum file size limits up to 32 MB.

Smush – Advanced plugin, provides automatic optimization and 2x more compression.

Optimus – Provides excellent compression features and developed by KeyCDN which is the fastest CDN.

ImageRecycle – More efficient and best plugin for automatic image and PDF compression.

EWWW – Provides compression for unlimited file sizes and just reminding you, it uses your internal server to serve images.

Now I hope, on the basis of this brief summary, you can decide which image compression plugin is best for you.

Now let me know in the comments section, which image optimizer plugin are you currently using for image optimization?

Happy Learning 😊 and Thanks for Reading 😊.

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