How To Test WordPress Site Speed?

How To Test WordPress Site Speed?

Whether it is site speed or page speed, speed is the essential factor in the optimization process and speed always matters because now in 2021, Speed is the highest-ranking factor in SEO among all.

So, what is speed refers to?

Page speed refers to the time taken to display the complete content including images, videos, audio files, HTML, CSS, and Javascript of an individual page.

While Site speed represents complete loading of your site which delivers all content data completely in a second.

So, If your site load time is more than 2 seconds definitely you will be going to lose 67% of the audience directly. Because most of the time visitors ignore those sites that take more time to load.

Whenever you are searching for anything on the web, obviously you want a quick response from a site with high-speed page load. Similarly, your site’s all visitors also want better user experience when they’re navigating your site.

To improve the website speed, optimization should be done in a way that site visitors spend more time on your site because quick page load time directly improves your search ranking in SERP.

And at the same time, if we talk about Google crawler, Google always prioritizes those sites which load quickly within 2-3 seconds. It is because fast site speed always provides better user experience in order to increase & retain your site visitors.

So, To check your website loading time, there are multiple tools available to evaluate page speed and complete site speed, and these tools used to optimize website speed and performance.

You can check your site speed by accessing these below-mentioned tools but first, let’s understands why faster speed is good for your online business.

Benefits of Fast Site Speed

  • Lower bounce rate
  • CTR increases directly
  • Happy visitors
  • Easy site navigation
  • Returning visitors
  • Site visitors increases
  • Improve site position on google
  • User session rate increases
  • Highest Ranking factor

Now, let’s move forward to website speed test tools so that you can easily analyze your web page loading time within seconds…

1- Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights tool is a standard Google product that analyses webpages loading time performance and then provides in-depth knowledge and lots of suggestions to improve the web page speed.

It is also the most popular free tool among developers used to check the speed of websites and webpages in mobile and desktop platforms.

Now to check your website’s loading time, just copy and paste your URL in the URL text box and hit analyze… and within seconds it shows you results for your tested URL.


Google PageSpeed Insights


Google PageSpeed Insights tool


Google PageSpeed Insights website speed checker tool


After loading time analysis, it shows 2 types of data i.e. field data and lab data for a page.

In which field data represents debugging concerns and lab data shows the data set for real-time speed checks such as speed index, total blocking time, server loading time, and total time to interact and many more speed metrics.

And that’s why it’s performance score based on the lab data because it captures real-time loading issues which are analyzed by the Lighthouse tool.

2- GTmetrix

Gtmetrix is a featured rich freemium website speed test tool.

To test site’s loading time, simply copy and paste site URL and press analyze, now it provides you complete performance report for your tested URL.

Gtmetrix speed test check report includes-

  • Fully loaded Page load time
  • Google Pagespeed score
  • YSlow score
  • Total page size
  • Total number of requests


GTmetrix Website Speed Test Tool



GTmetrix Website Speed Test Tool


GTmetrix speed test tool is best for you if your site has global organic traffic through multiple countries because it analyses the regional page load time for better results.

By default, it checks your site’s loading time for the Canada region, but you can change its location after registering into this tool.

Through Gtmetrix, you can easily compare your speed test results, if you’ve already checked your loading time in the past. So in this way, you can analyze your speed performance.

3- Pingdom

Pingdom is another advanced website speed test tool.

To Analyse web page performance, pick your URL address & paste it in the URL box and then select region to complete check and now enter the start button to get results.

Now in this performance report, it will provide you a brief summary of its whole speed test in which it includes-

  • Performance grade
  • Fully loaded time
  • Page size
  • Number of requests


Pingdom Website Speed Test Checker Tool

Pingdom website speed test


Pingdom website speed test tool

Below this summarized report, Tool also provides you in-depth analyzed data and recommendations to optimize it for better web performance.

One great thing about the Pingdom tool is that it uses color-coding with separated grade scores so that users can get a clear idea for what should be included in their priority list.

4- Google Mobile Speed Test

Marketing through mobile is now trending among all marketers and website owners. And whenever we talk about mobile marketing and mobile users, the first thing that strikes your mind is website speed.

For instance:
Let’s assume, you’re an e-commerce business holder, and for a second just think about it, if your site’s performance is not good as compared to its desktop version, then this can negatively impact your whole business.

That’s why mobile speed optimization is a more significant website optimization factor nowadays. So, To optimize your whole site for its mobile version and to resolve all issues relevant to mobile page speed, Google designs a separate tool that checks a website’s loading time only on mobile devices.

Google Mobile Speed Test

Google Mobile Speed Test tool is a completely free speed test checker tool that specifically checks the website’s overall loading time and performance for mobile users.


Google Mobile Speed Test Tool


This tool also generates a free report for analysis and provides you detailed examined report through your email address by which you can enhance your site performance by working on improvement suggestions.

After a complete analysis, This simple tool rates your web page according to its loading time, so that next time you can better optimize your web page’s speed.

Final Thoughts On How To Test Your WordPress Site Speed

As now we all know, High performing website speed is a prime ranking factor for Google and that’s why it is important to optimize your website speed for faster loading.

And with the help of above mentioned tools, you can easily test your website performance and can also figure out those areas in your site that requires more improvement for quick loading speed.

Now, discover all major and minor issues & errors of your site with Pingdom, Gtmetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights tool, and Google Mobile Speed Test tools and then fix them.

Happy Learning 😊 and Thanks for Reading 😊.

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